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Vicecreme is a great one-two punch of creativity and savvy business sense. Gina Limongelli, our president and marketing director earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Gina’s college experience transcends a deep taste for design into the overall presentation of our product line and her enthusiasm for veganism in combination with design make a great recipe for creating our overall image. 

Michael Limongelli, CEO, has worked sales almost as long as he’s been vegan and has seen the best and worst of both. Leading his former company in sales was the easy part, but staying healthy on the road yielded quite the challenge. After changing to an all vegan diet, he was able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but still had the urge for dessert every once in a while. Discovering the need for a late night vegan dessert option became evident within the first week, but there wasn’t one. That’s where the idea all began. He figured that the combination of years of serving in the restaurant industry and a high interest in sales, why not fill the void for not only himself, but all the vegans out there and make the world a better place all at the same time.

Together we have come up with a fresh concept, an interesting menu, and an ambitious, but achievable plan to build it into an incredible vegan brand.

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